Best Animation libraries by

There are a ton of options for adding animations to a React app. Which is the best?


Pros: Simple implementation and use - just add and remove classes. Would work really well even outside React. Only dependency is a single CSS file.

Cons: animations don’t look good. They look way too stiff.


Pros: really nice physics, really nice demos

Cons: older style of Javascript library would be work to get nice to play with React. Github project hasn’t been updated in years.

Popmotion/React Pose

React Motion

React Spring

This seems to be the winner. It was built as a response to React Motion and Popmotion, and uses the fancy new React style of render props:

import { Spring } from 'react-spring'

<Spring from= to=>
  {styles => <div style={styles}>i will fade in</div>}

React Simple Animate

Other stuff