Narcissistic Personality Disorder by

I got to ask Jordan B. Peterson about NPD in person on 2018-10-11:

Me: You’ve spoken online about Borderline Personality Disorder. Do you have any thoughts on the related cluster B disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

JBP: I’ve had Narcissistic clients. I had one who was a serial sexual predator. He was mandated by the court. If you want a hopeless clinical situation, a court mandated Narcissist…

I mean he doesn’t want to be there. All he ever did was tell me how wonderful he was, despite the fact that he had been prosecuted quite successfully for what he had done. I tried to appeal to his narcissism - to teach him that there were certain things he probably shouldn’t continue doing if he wanted to keep his wonderful self out of prison. He was absolutely impenetrable.

It’s hard to say much more than that because you never see narcissists in the clinical path, right? Like they’re going to come in? It’s more likely they’ll come in and tell you how to run your practice.

I had a narcissistic mother of one of my clients come and tell me that. She [had put] her daughter right into the desired permanent unconsciousness. She came into my office one day and just tore a strip off me. It was really something to watch. I could certainly understand my client a lot better.

That’s been my experience with the narcissistic cluster so far. Did you have a more specific question?

Me: I think a member of my family has it. I’m playing armchair psychologist and trying to figure out a successful way to handle interactions with them. From what you’re saying it sounds like they’re impenetrable.

JBP: I would say don’t share any personal information with them.

Me: It’s my mom, so.

JBP: Seriously, the best situation with something like that is to detach and watch and don’t offer more of yourself than is absolutely necessary. That’s the only strategy I really know. That might be mildly effective. Don’t put up with any more than you can. If you’re starting to get resentful, that’s a good sign that you probably need some more distance.