Hi! I'm Christian Genco. I went to college for free at SMU to study computer science and started making cool stuff instead of getting a job after I graduated in 2013. My projects make more money than I spend (I don't need a lot of things), and I'm on track to financially retire before I'm 30, so I lived in an RV traveling with my wife for a year, and now live in Dallas TX exploring the best ways to spend my time.

I especially like solving problems that help people, and helping people solve problems. If you have a cool project, or if you just want to say hey, send me a message!

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$100 3D Printed Engagement Ring

Conventional wisdom says to spend one to three month's salary on your engagement ring, but with 3D printers you can get one for barely more than the cost of the metal. more...

Go to college for free

The average cost of a public university education in the US is right around $130,000. By hacking the system, you can get by for precisely $130,000 cheaper - free. more...

You Should Learn to Program

Why? It makes you smarter, computers are improving faster than you are, and - if you're like me - you want to maximize your laziness. more...


TedxSMU: You Should Learn to Program

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Vlog Experiments recording my life with Snap Spectacles and DJI Mavic + Spark drones

Musical Eating

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