• dbinbox: receive large files on your website
  • textbooks please: textbook search engine
  • Dr. Dog: ask your Amazon Echo if it’s safe for your dog to eat certain foods
  • PastCam: iOS app to take “then and now” style pictures
  • Export History: Chrome plugin to export your history


Up Next

  1. a CRM for your facebook friends
  2. impovements to PastCam
  3. super easy contact forms for your website
  4. custom 3D-printed wedding bands
  5. super easy file upload portal
  6. let people text your business number (also schedule texts and do sms blasts)
  7. a photo camera that records audio (like for recording class lectures - take pictures of the board, and listen to the audio around when you took the picture)
  8. a reading list that sorts recommendations by the number of times they’ve been recommended
  9. the iOS clock app, but in units of beats
  10. a better way to view time-series data (like Art History pieces)
  11. vet management software
  12. urgent practice management software
  13. a way to make it as easy to see a local theatre show as it is to see a movie
  14. play any board game with anyone on the internet in real time. No rules are enforced, so you can play any game (and even cheat or (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) - also functions as a Khan Academy style whiteboard
  15. mailmerge + google docs (for making labels or namecards)
  16. mobile app to measure how tall a building is based on how long it takes for a pebble to drop to the ground, or how far away something is based on how long it takes sound to travel
  17. a way to keep all of your business operations in one place so your office doesn’t explode when someone gets sick or leaves

Do you need one of these to exist? Let me know and I’ll bump it up the list!