Here’s a list of things I’ve made that you can use:

Here are the projects I’m working on next, in order:

  • a browser plugin for textbooks please to make it easier to automatically find better book prices
  • Broccoli Phone: let customers send SMS messages to your business number
  • super easy contact forms for your website
  • label template maker: mailmerge + google docs
  • business handbook: keep all of your business operations in one place so your office doesn’t explode when someone gets sick
  • 3d rings: create your own 3D-printed wedding band in silver, gold, or platinum
  • Personal CRM: keep track of everyone you know, get reminded when you haven’t talked to interesting friends in a while, and get a good tl;dr of a friend’s life before you talk to them again so you can ask relevant questions
  • beats for iOS: the iOS Clock app in internet time
  • Weasley Clock: mobile app to log my location and show it like in Harry Potter
  • a better Markdown to MLA that works more like Google Docs (ex: lets you save documents and document versions, send papers to other people for feedback and to see their changes)
  • fileinbox: DBinbox for SalesForce. Receive files from clients in a secure file upload portal.
  • offstage club: make it as easy to see a local theatre show as it is to see a movie
  • whiteboard js: a web app that makes it easy to make Khan Academy-style drawings
  • Urgent Practice: practice management software for small medical offices.
  • tabletop js: play any board game with anyone on the internet in real time. No rules are enforced, so you can play any game (and even cheat or (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
  • foft: mobile app to measure how tall a building is based on how long it takes for a pebble to drop to the ground

Do you need one of these to exist? Let me know and I’ll bump it up the list!