Hi! I'm Christian Genco. I'm the founder of Fileinbox, author of the Microconf Recap, and creator of several smaller projects.

I'm into minimalism and keep a list of everything I own. I vlog and write and take book notes to work on being a better human.

What I'm excited about right now

Jamming on the most recent iteration of my productivity system (not being a donkey and just picking a reasonable path forward), my podcasting experiment Your Thoughts, being a person that works out and journals every day, going to Founder Summit and staying in a fancy AirBnB in March, and going to Microconf not in Las Vegas in April and flying FIRST CLASS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.

Contact info



  • Fileinbox (previously called DBinbox): receive files from your clients to your Dropbox
  • textbooks please: textbook search engine
  • Export History: Chrome plugin to export your history
  • Pixel Art Creator: a simple programming IDE to draw pixel art
  • Bonus Birthdays: Calculate your bonus birthdays, like when you turn 20,000 days old, or when you're the same age George Washington was when he became president.
  • Dr. Dog: ask your Amazon Echo or Google Home if it's safe for your dog to eat certain foods
  • Email Drafter: a markdown email editor that renders as plaintext and HTML
  • DnDice: Dungeons and Dragons dice roller
  • qgen: query generator for hunting for 30x500 audiences
  • PastCam: iOS app to take "then and now" style pictures
  • QR reader/writer: QR code reader that works offline, like on an air gapped computer
  • Secrets: split up a secret into N pieces so you can recover it with any M of the pieces
  • Mosaic Web Dev: a platform for hosting lessons that students can go through at their own pace
  • HumanSort: sort a list based on whatever you want by comparing two things at a time
  • Markdown to MLA and Markdown to APA: generate perfect MLA and APA documents from plain text markdown
  • Timecard App: timecard calculator (a rewrite of my oldest useful program)
  • Timer: a simple timer with alarm for teaching in poms
  • Icon Dice: a ~900 sided dice with icons instead of numbers
  • Clear Decoder: decode links from the Clear iOS list making app to markdown
  • Profile Flags: add a country flag over your Facebook profile picture
  • autorunner: command line tool to run a command when a file is saved
  • t_time_tracker: simple command line time tracking
  • Email Tip Bot: send/receive bitcoin through email. Shut down (and coins returned) in 2017.


Book Notes


Blog Recommendations

If you like the stuff on my blog, you'll probably like the stuff on these other blogs too. In no particular order:

  • Patrick Collison: thoughts, advice, and recommendations from the co-founder of Stripe. I especially like his questions. This dude knows how to think.
  • Paul Graham's Essays: founder of Y Combinator and Hacker News.
  • Better Explained: intuitive explanations of math concepts that schools sucks at teaching.
  • Mr. Money Mustache: learn how to earn enough money to retire within 10 years without winning the lottery.
  • More To That: don't be fooled by the entertaining colorful illustrations—this shit gets deep.
  • Patio11's blog: founder of Bingo Card Creator and a superstar in the Microconf community. Patrick is the reason I'm currently running my own company. He taught me how to make money on the internet, and teaches people every day to Charge More™️.
  • Wait But Why: mathy big-picture cartoons about life and technology. He has a great series on Elon Musk. I especially love Your Life in Weeks.
  • xkcd: hilarious and clever comics about science, math, and life. Chances are there's a relevant xkcd for your last conversation.
  • Gwern: I imagine this blog is what it would look like to pry open a rigorous scientist's brain and see how they've optimized their life. I love his approach to optimizing sleep. He calculates the freakin' p-values for how correlated taking melatonin is to his sleep quality and randomly A/B tested two different mattresses. Who does that?!
  • Derek Sivers: founder of CDBaby.com and one of the few humans I feel like has life figured out. His articles are short and sweet. I especially like Hell Yeah or no.
  • Guzey: Another Gwern-like blog. I like his article on productivity.