These are things I’ve made that make money.


  • DnDice: Dungeons and Dragons dice roller
  • qgen: query generator for hunting for 30x500 audiences
  • PastCam: iOS app to take “then and now” style pictures
  • QR reader/writer: it’s pretty easy to make a malicious QR code reader, so I made my own. Works offline, like on an air gapped computer.
  • Secrets: split up a secret into N pieces so you can recover it with any M of the pieces
  • Mosaic Web Dev: a platform for hosting lessons that students can go through at their own pace. A solution to teaching technical summer camps where half the class got left behind and half the class felt bored (and my voice got tired).
  • HumanSort: sort a list based on whatever you want by comparing two things at a time
  • Markdown to MLA and Markdown to APA: generate perfect MLA and APA documents from plain text markdown
  • Timecard App: timecard calculator (a rewrite of my oldest useful program)
  • Timer: a simple timer with alarm for teaching in poms
  • Icon Dice: a ~900 sided dice with icons instead of numbers
  • Clear Decoder: decode links from the Clear iOS list making app to markdown
  • Profile Flags: add a country flag over your Facebook profile picture
  • autorunner: command line tool to run a command when a file is saved
  • t_time_tracker: simple command line time tracking
  • Email Tip Bot: send/receive bitcoin through email. Shut down (and coins returned) in 2017.