Christian Genco

Big Five Aspects Personality Scale

I've recently been devouring every piece of media Jordan Peterson has ever produced.

One of these pieces - interestingly - is a personality test that Peterson developed with Dr. Colin DeYoung and Dr. Lena Quality.

I'm continually interested in understanding humans better, so I took his test to see another angle of how my own biases are coloring my assumptions of other people. I like that it doesn't fall for the N-types-of-people fallacy: each attribute is given a statistical percentile instead of lumping me into a tidy group ("you're a questioner! an ENTJ! a Ravenclaw! You have strengths in learning, strategic thinking, analytical thining, focus, and command!").

Below are my notes from my results.

Plasticity: flexible, exploratory, curious, quick to adapt #

Stability: structured, organized, emotionally stable, focused #

Increase with age: agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability (like a kind old grandfather)

1. ❌Agreeableness (15th%): 🔹Compassion (55th%) and ❌Politeness (2nd%) #

I'm somewhat concerned with helping others avoid negative emotion (more so than typical males), but am not swayed by them being upset.

I choose to be skeptical and straightforward at the cost of not being nice. I prefer systems and machines over people.

2. ✅Conscientiousness (69th%): ✅Industriousness (85th%) and 🔹Orderliness (41st%) #

I work hard to make useful plans, and work productively and focused to achieve them. I judge unsuccessful people as deserving of their failure.

I keep things reasonably tidy and ordered, and am not bothered by a little mess or unpredictability. I see lots of nuance in issues others see as black and white.

3. ✅Extraversion (82nd%): ✅Enthusiasm (75th%) and ✅Assertiveness (81st%) #

I have high self-esteem, enthusiastically enjoy social situations, and like fun exciting activities.

I tend to influencially take charge.

4. ❌Neuroticism (4th%): ❌Withdrawl (4th%) and ❌Volatility (7th%) #

I'm not sensitive to negative emotions. I'm comfortable taking calculated risks, don't dwell on mistakes, don't feel imposter syndrome, and feel generally satisfied.

When facing a "serious, sustained, complex problem," I can still feel anxious and unhappy, but I cope well and recover quickly.

I don't worry and don't feel anticipatory anxiety, even when facing actual danger.

My mood is predictably and stably good. Even if provoked, I remain calm.

5. ✅Openness to Experience (71st%): 🔹Openness (51st%) and ✅Intellect (82nd%) #

I enjoy thinking about and solving abstract and complex problems, and I'm good at it. I'm curious about new information.

I enjoy change, even just for the sake of change. I can't tolerate repetitive tasks. I'd much rather create a new venture.

I experience boredom in stable, straightforward, traditional occuptations where the rules don't change. I'm better suited to complex changing environments.

I'm interested in, but not obsessed by, art. I enjoy creative outlets, but don't wither away without them.