Christian Genco

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Don't indulge in criticism - it doesn't accomplish anything but making you feel better, and creates ememies instead of friends

People crave validation, praise, and importance. Give it to them sincerely and they'll like you

Get people do to what you want by focusing on what they want, like Tirian Lannister


Remember people's names!

Be interesting by being genuinely interested #activelistening

You can only win an argument by avoiding it. People can't argue if you agree with them, so look for their point of view and understand it

Never tell someone they're wrong: they hear "you're dumb" and now you're on opposing sides. Instead, praise them AND offer them a way they could make their life better, or talk about your own mistakes

Enthusiastically admit to your own mistakes and you'll steal the thunder of anyone trying to criticise you.

Throw down a challenge (chalk 6 on the floor)

Dramatize your ideas (dramatic commercials)

Get someone in the habit of answering your questions with "yes" and they'll keep saying it #influence

Get your ideas accepted by prompting others to come up with those ideas themselves

To change someone's behavior, praise them for the behavior you want instead of criticising them for the mistakes they make. "Great job thinking of green grass!" vs. "don't think of a pink elephant"