Christian Genco

Improving Surgery Discharge Instructions

My doctor gave me terrible and confusing instructions that I didn't understand for a wisdom teeth extraction surgery, so I rewrote them to be easier to follow.

My doctor's instructions make the classic mistake of being egocentrically aligned from the doctor's perspective instead of from the patient's perspective.

Also before we go on: hey, I'm not a doctor and this is not medical advice, I'm just practicing some human centered design.

Also #2: oh my god doctors get your shit together. How are people supposed to follow your logic puzzle discharge instructions while going through surgery? Come on now you can do better.

Before scheduling the surgery #

A week before #

The day before #

The morning of your surgery #

Immediately after waking up from your surgery #

On your way home #

When you get home #

Day 1 (the day of your surgery) #

Day 2 #

Day 3 #

Day 4 #

Day 5 #

Day 6 #

Day 7 #

After day 7 #

Hey you did it! Good job taking care of yourself. I'm proud of you.