Christian Genco

Magic Pill

I was inspired recently by an article by Ramit Sethi: The hidden hypocrisy of wanting "more". I understand Sethi's conclusions, but sacrificing price efficency at the cost of experience goes directly against my mustachian principles.

In any case, here's my response to his thought experiment:

I, Christian Genco, just took a magic pill that lets me live the life of my dreams.

Now, I wake up at 6am every morning feeling fantastic and well rested. I have lots of fun exercise stuff to do right when I get out of bed (a bouldering wall with a giant foam pit at the bottom, an American Ninja Warrier setup, a full barbell set, a swing, a pool), and I can jump on my bike and get lots of fresh air outside. My house is full of interesting people I really like spending time with, and

For work, I oversee people that manage the things I've built, and I build new stuff. I can do this on maintenance from my phone and it still grows because of the systems I've put in place. I have really cool analytics that let me move levers to optimize for whatever my goals of the moment are (like universal paperclips).

I make enough to cover my basic expenses, 36k/year, and have 800k in savings (so I could stop making money from outside sources and still be fine - a kind of personal Mustachian insurance). Anything more than that goes towards fun stuff, like a Tesla, new electronics, outrageous trips with people I enjoy, or using money as a tool to make the world change.