Christian Genco

SEMrush SEO Crash course

1. Intro to SEO #

SEO is arguably the best marketing channel. ~60% of traffic sources come from search engines (vs. ~30% direct, ~6% social, ~1% email, and ~0.5% display ads). Search traffic is also high in intent.

Ranking high in search engines involves hundreds of mysterious features of the google algorithm but the only three you need to care about are:

  1. Relevancy: how closely do the keywords on your page match what a user is searching for?
  2. Authority: how many backlinks does your page have? More probably means your content is better.
  3. Usefulness: how organized and understandable is the content on your page?

2. Find untapped keywords #

Start by brainstorming a few keywords people might search for who would get value from your business. For each of those keywords you can find related keywords by:

Choose a few keywords to focus on based on:

3. Create amazing content #

5. Track your results #